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  • 30 minutes
  • AnywhereXpress

Proceed for Vehicle Selection and Quote

Estimated driving time (EDT) is used to provide an anonymous quote that doesn't ask for any personal information before you decide to book. EDT is what Google and other online services provide when you search "<your pickup location> to <your dropoff location>". It usually does not consider time of day, traffic conditions, ... The fixed-rate fare (no tax, no tolls, no surge pricing, no meter, no surprises) and currently available pickup times are shown in real-time. For example, if the EDT is 30 minutes and the actual trip takes much longer you owe nothing more. Pickup and dropoff are curbside. Your driver will contact you before your pickup time to coordinate. Note: For airport pickup, please go back and select your 3-letter airport code as a starting point.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel online at least 2 hours before your scheduled pickup for refund of your deposit. When you are flying, your driver monitors the status of your flight. If your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed at anytime before your scheduled pickup time, your reservation is automatically cancelled and your deposit is returned to your credit card.

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