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Driving Guidelines

Driver Agrees:

1.  To always keep Commercial Liability Insurance current and in force for the driver and the vehicle being driven. The coverage amounts must be maintained as equal to or above the levels required by local regulations.

2.  To have and to maintain all of the local licenses and permits required for passenger transport companies.


3.  To perform driving services in a friendly and courteous manner and to be aware of the promises made to customers on the

website including but not limited to

  • Covid safeguards

  • airport flight times and coordination

  • baggage assistance

  • on time pickup

  • driving safely

  • accommodation of pets and infants

4.  Normal dress is sport shirt, jeans, no sandals.

CelebrityXpress agrees:

1.  To pay drivers as they choose, either

  • daily using Zelle or

  • weekly by check using the US mail


2.  To pay the fee amount shown as "Driver Fee", on the trip description form plus wait-time charges as described below. The driver keeps cash tips.


The driver can sign up for any trip as long as he or she can comfortably transport the passenger count. Driver Fees are based on the customer's booked vehicle type, not on the vehicle type you might be driving. For example, a customer with 1-3 riders could have booked a CAR or SUV.  A customer with 4-5 riders have to book an SUV or a VAN. A customer with 6-9 riders are supposed to book a VAN.

The billable driving time is the estimated driving time as told by Google and other authoritative sources, ... rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval. If a mistake is made, the customer usually wins.

3.  To pay the driver airport waiting time. The airport pickup policy allows the customer 30 minutes after landing to get to the agreed upon pickup spot. After that, the customer is charged $10 for every 15 minutes, which is added to the customer's bill and paid to the driver.

4.  To pay the driver for customer no-shows when the fault lies with the customer. This is merely a consolation fee to pay for gas, $10 to $60 depending on the estimated driving time 15, 30, ... 90 minutes of the trip in question.

5.  To promote the CelebrityXpress brand in each local area we service.

Our promotions have increased significantly of late and currently comprise

  • many thousands of daily ad impressions

  • competition for hundreds of clicks


Additional promotions are planned to include​​

  • Promo discount cards

  • Email campaigns 

  • Radio advertising

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