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Significant Price  Reduction 

Take a private shuttle ride to or from the airport. For other local trips, go AnywhereXpress Taxi. Reserve a ride in a safe, comfortable vehicle sporting leather, leg room and more starting at $19 plus a refundable deposit.

At CelebrityXpress you can count on a professional  driver to transport you safely and always on-time. 

Experience polite and friendly service at affordable all-inclusive fares. Save by booking online  at least 2 hours prior to your preferred pickup time.

Vehicles are sanitized for Covid  before each trip. The driver wears a mask when contagion statistics warrant. 

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And Vans, Vans, Vans. We have Vans!


If you're flying, your driver monitors your flight status. So, you arrive at the airport not too early and never too late.  When landing, your driver calls to coordinate your pickup and to make sure you get home or to your local destination as soon as possible.

Anytime your flight is seriously delayed or cancelled,  your reservation is also cancelled. Your deposit is refunded automatically to your card.


If your plans change for any reason, then cancel online at least 2 hours before your pickup time.

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The fixed-rate fares (no tax, no tolls, no surge pricing, no meter, no parking, no surprises) and currently available pickup times are shown in real-time.

By booking online.  you utilize totally secure online payment services that never expose your credit card information to anyone.


A  refundable deposit guarantees your reservation. The fare becomes due when your driver arrives. 

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If you require an infant seat just make a note on your booking form under Special Requests. They are free if one is available.

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